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    This forum is the best place to submit Feature Request. Most new features that gets implemented in LiquidFiles comes from popular requests as voted in this forum. First, in order for a feature to make it into LiquidFiles, it has to make sense for the product. So requests like our company would like somewhere to host a wiki so it would be great if this could be added in LiquidFiles, since LiquidFiles already comes with a web site, it would be great if we could also host or company website on the LiquidFiles system will not be considered regardless. The more generic a feature is, the more likely it is to happen. So if your company is using something like Vendor ID for communicating with your vendors, and you want a Vendor ID field to be added in the product so you can sort and search on Vendor ID, its a very specific thing and not likely to happen. Another thing to note is this very rough guide:

    number of requests
    ------------------------------ =~ likelyhood of implementation
    time to implement

    Or, simple things are much more likely to be added to LiquidFiles than complex things. So, that being said. As you can see when browsing this forum, there are quite a few requests and quite a few listed as Done so its absolutely worthwhile to submit and vote on feature requests.
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