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    Quick question, I've added the certificate that David answered and helped out with.

    I've having issues pining and connecting to the server from outside out network, we have a static IP assigned to the windows/box virtual server. Do we have to use the same IP in the settings of the virtual server also to seamlessly connect ?

    Is there a simple way to check to make sure the ports are open like our IT says they are ?

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    If the LF has assigned public IP address and is not running behind a FW then you have to work with that public IP also for connections from public internet but this is not frequent scenario.
    Usually the LF appliances are running in a local network or in a DMZ behind a FW.
    In that case the LF server has assigned a local IP address. To be able connect from outside you will need to have a public IP address on the FW and also the firewall configured for address translation (translating the public address to the LF's local IP).
    From outside you then connect to the public IP of the FW (or better, public Name servers should resolve your LF's public URL to that public IP)

    When you can connect to the LF server from the local network, but you can't connect from public internet then likely the FW is not configured properly. Here is the recommended FW configuration:

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