Caution with 3.4.6 update

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    we had a weird scenario with the 3.4.6 update. As many of you recall there was a hotfix script published back in april due to some updates in Centos. We contacted LF Support and they stated we would not need that with a 3.4.3 update to 3.4.6.

    After the 3.4.6 application all 5 of our boxes were pegged even after a graceful reboot via console and waiting 30 min (we had a maint window luckily). We applied the hotfix script ( as an attempt to regain normal operational and the boxes began to behave normally in regards to being responsive and web interface.

    Unfortunately sending emails was not working resulting in "Internal Error". While we were waiting on support to respond, we attempted an update re-install. The reapplication of the update fixed the issue

    Anyway I wanted to publish this incase anyone else had issues with a 3.4.6 update

    ***UPDATE*** Support came back this AM and stating that the hotfix should be ran prior to any upgrade
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    We've identified this issue and it's been fixed in the v3.4.7 update that's been released.

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