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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Paul Hirose, Sep 19, 2023.

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    Configure how long of a delay before LiquidFiles is auto-updated.

    The default is "... LiquidFiles will be kept up to date and updates will be automatically installed roughly one week after the release for minor versions, and 2-4 weeks for major releases.... "

    I was hoping I could explicitly state the number of days (or range of days.) I want to auto-update so I don't accidentally miss something. But I would like to go later than most. And I fully admit, this is to rely on other customers as guinea-pigs for whether an update is good. If everyone is "roughly one week after" then we're all still in the same boat if a bad patch happens.

    I realize you allow for a test system using a prod license ( ) so I could go w/that. But that would mean I set the test system to auto-update and my production would still have to be manual. I'd have to know my test system got updated. Yes, I do get the daily status email and the "I updated myself" email alerts too. But that still requires a manual step of noticing this and then scheduling and executing an update on production, and I know if it's manual, I'm eventually going to miss something someday, let's face it. So I'm willing to compromise by configuring my production to auto-update say 3 weeks after release of a minor version, for example (just making up numbers, but you get the gist.)

    Thank you.

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