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  1. Jonathan Smith

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    Feb 26, 2017
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    With a Windows NFS, I want to synchronize a LiquidFiles Share with a Windows Shared folder.

    1. Is there an event trigger that can be used rather than running every 5 minutes?
    2. Any particular advantages / disadvantages of using cURL vs LiquidFilesCLI?

    Or have I missed the boat entirely?
  2. David

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    Dec 1, 2015
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    1) In the current v3.0.x there is not a trigger. You have to check periodically what files have been updated since a given time.
    2) cURL we are using to demonstrate a principle how LF's APIs work. It's a cross platform tool that is easy to add parameters with to test responses from the system. cURL is suitable for scripting as well. The APIs you can use with any other language like php, java which supports REST API and JSON. It's usable in case you need to implement some interaction with LF server (file upload/download, user management and so on) into your existing application.
    LiquidFiles CLI extends the functionality of your LiquidFiles server to command line use and scripting from supported servers (Linux, Unix, Mac, Win). I would say CLI is more comfy for simple scripts where you need to run some automated tasks periodically like sending files, listing messages, downloading files. Currently Shares are not supported in the CLI.

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