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    coming another product that has priced us out and now, reviewing Liquidfiles...

    Few things we'd like to see in the future.

    1 - On non-authenticated email requests
    basically anyone can download - when link is clicked
    force a form to collect following information:
    Name,Email Address,Company Name
    - This information can be completely false of course as there is no verification - but is collected and generally recipients will fill out this information for the receipt email vs just email and IP address of the download
    (we saw approx 90% recipients filling this information out)
    - could be selectable Enable / Disable via Admin Panel -enable Name/email/Business Form collection - if this is possible now via JS - I'd love to see an example that I could implement.

    2 - Terms of service - on the same form asking for any download force the Terms to have a checkbox checked that they've reviewed the terms

    Simple check that forces them to tick a checkbox that they accept the terms for each and every download
    - could be selectable Enable / Disable via Admin Panel - force TOS accept before download Option.

    I've setup the Terms on the bottom of the page - but it is not forced to review and is a small contract but not small enough to fit as a disclaimer in email footer.

    - specifically would be used on all downloads in our case.
    Generally in settings - force users to accept terms of service before download checkbox would enable the feature or turn it off for all downloads - both internal and external.

    3 - allow users to extend expiration dates of messages they've sent previously that are still in the system.
    not often but users occasionally get requests from clients to re-enable the expired link.
    - other system we had allowed users to extend the link date another 30 days manually -
    In liquid - it would be under message actions - vs re-sending the files again.
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