How do you support external users?

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    Hi All,
    We've been getting some feedback from our users about recipients having trouble picking up files. I'd appreciate any feedback!

    Mostly, this boils down to a few reasons at the recipient end:
    • Not understanding that they only need to type their email in the 'log in' prompt
    • Pasting the message ID from first email into the Validation Code box
    • Using the wrong email (where they have picked up a message from another mailbox)
    • Second email being blocked by spam filter
    • Taking over 60 minutes to open the second mail
    When recipients have problems, we usually send them the following advice, this usually helps:
    "I’m sorry to hear that you’re having problems with our new secure file sharing system. Can you please follow the steps below and let me know how you get on?
    1. Receive the first email informing you that a secure file has been sent, you should have this already.
    2. Click on the link in the first email which goes to…………
    3. Enter the email address the secure email was sent to to authorise (presumably **recipient’s email address goes here**).
    4. Receive the second email (this remains valid for one hour).
    5. Click on the link in the second email or enter the code into the website.
    6. Download the file(s) by clicking on the link(s) on the website"
    This usually helps a lot. We have had frustrated emails from internal people who frequently use the system, they get a bit fed up of explaining how the system works repeatedly. We ask them to forward any issues to IT directly.

    Some examples of feedback we get:
    • We have candidates that have pulled out of the recruitment process because they cannot access the application.
    • Any government agency Home Office, DWP or ACAS all have problems accessing the files, and it is these organisations whom we have to respond to urgently on critical matters.
    • I understand the need to send information securely, but this is becoming a big problem for us. I am wasting far too much time, on something that should take a second.
    I'm not knocking the system - personally I believe that it's great and very secure - however we can't be alone with these niggles. What strategies do you use to overcome these problems and help support your users?

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    Thanks for sharing your experience.
    Your system infrastructure and your local users you can administer quite easily because you have access to your systems and settings and logs for troubleshooting.
    For LF appliance is most important to have properly configured delivering emails. If this is done properly emails sent from LF will not be marked as spam.
    If LF delivers emails directly then make sure it has set properly A, MX, (SPF) and PTR records.
    If LF relay emails, make sure the SMTP relay server is configured properly and delivers email from LF appliance
    More details is described here:

    But in some cases this issues are related to 3rd party systems or just issues between chair and the keyboard where you can send the information email like you are sending now and hope the external guy will want to understand the principle, alternatively you can create him manually an external user account in LF, or you can gave it up and decrease security level and send him a plain randomized link to the files without authentication required.
    This additional information email you figured out it helps you can add also to the "Message available" (or another) template(s) in "Admin > Configuration > Email Templates" so the recipient users will see it included immediately when they receive the email with the link to the files.

    Also there is possible to use "Admin > System > Locales", "Admin > System > Custom style sheet & Custom Javascript" features to customize name of fields, or inject additional information which could also help your external users to understand how to easily access the files.

    Worse is if there is an issue related to the 3rd party sw or hw settings in the recipient's infrastructure, then you can't do pretty much nothing without helping hand from the remote side.
    Bottlenecks are usually recipient's overengineered AV/antispyware or a content scanner devices which inspecting the uploaded/downloaded files and can significantly slow down or even terminate uploads/downloads, invalidate the validation messages. Then you can just contact admin of their systems and ask to investigate why it is jammed and after then whitelist your LF server.

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