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Discussion in 'Beta' started by Paul Hirose, Sep 19, 2023.

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    CentOS7 is EOL June 2024. I'm assuming there's a version of Liquidfiles that will be based on a newer OS (CentOS or otherwise), along w/all other updated components. Is there a (rough) date planned for this release?

    Is it possible to sign up for testing at some point, depending on when the beta vs GA would be available? If GA is (totally making up dates) Jan 2024, then I don't need to sign up for any testing, I'll just test the GA release itself and have plenty of lead-time before I *have* to update (presumably because CentOS goes EOL). But if GA isn't until early June 2024, I may want to at least try and request access to a beta version to test prior to that.

    I'm also guessing this might not be an in-place update. So if I have to plan for a separate vm, I'll eventually need to do that too. Frankly, even if an in-place update were offered, I think I'd opt for a clean install using a new vmdk (probably about time, I don't even remember when I first installed my current liquidfiles vm.)

    For better or for worse, MFT-related exploits (eg: GoA, Accellion, MoveIT, etc) have caused our Liquidfiles implementation to come under significant scrutiny by our InfoSec staff. Testing new software releases before it moves into production is becoming one of those issues.

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    Your assumptions are correct. We are going to release the new major version with the new OS as a beta release soon. Before end of this year it will be possible to install it for testings. Migration tool to copy data and settings from v3.7.1x LF systems will be available as well.
    More details about the changes and OS will be posted in a newsletter.

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