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    users would like the option to see the oubound message before it is sent.

    the Current design only allows to see what it looks like after the message is sent.
    - A First - places at top of email
    - B After signature - Causes issues - many people don't read below signature lines - basically ignore below signature lines
    - C End of email - This is generally bad - will cause link / download insert to be placed at the bottom of email chain - think of a month long email chain - the link is at the ultimate end of email - no bueno.

    - guess it is a feature request for another option C
    Insert message into email before sending - so sender can edit message (not link) before message is sent out - this would be more similar to previous products used, and be more helpful.

    Dont believe this exists yet however i am not sure - which is why it isn't in feature requests.

    - Beyond that so far so good currently ~45/60 days in now.

    --- is there some good examples of better HTML for messages with some boxes and colors - CSS that others might have used? vs plain jane that is currently the default - (have edited removing cheksum and other lines but still would like some more graphic for the HTML option - colors / boxes and junk just to make it stand out more in emails.

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