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    Hi All, I have downloaded LF and have installed on a VMware VM and registered. I am now just looking through the software and am trying to test the external users. I have set up users and admins etc.

    during setup process, I set up my hostname as 'upload' and domain as '' (example)See screenshot attached. However when I go to an external browser and type in I get an error.

    I look at the domain page (see attached screenshot) on the LF server and hostname and domain are set to 'default' for the test licence. I have tried https://default.default and that does not work either.

    Can anyone advise what I am doing wrong? I am not a network admin, but have a basic understanding of windows networking. I must be missing something. I have looked through the help files but I can't see anything on this aspect of the software specifically. LF Domains.jpg LF Hostname.jpg

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    The "Domains" settings in "Admin > System" means LiquidFiles domains. Its a special LF feature which allows you to create separate LiquidFiles instances within one LiquidFiles server. For trialing of LF you don't need to configure this feature. If you created some next domain just delete it. There should be listed only default domain.
    As next for the host configuration you need only fill in boxes in "Admin > System > Hostname".

    Then you need to create "A" record on your domain server or domain registar. This record will define a relationship between IP address and hostname of your LF server. If you need your LF will be reachable for external users you have to use some of your registered domain and public IP address.
    Also when your LF is deployed behind a firewall or similar, you will also need to configure the firewall for address translation — translating a public address to your private 192.168.x.x address.

    Please have a look at this man page for more details:

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