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Discussion in 'LiquidFiles General' started by Paul Hirose, Jan 18, 2020.

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    Jan 10, 2020
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    I'm using LQ 3.3.19 and have LDAP authentication (against our local Active Directory) and that's been working fine for years. I recently enabled Duo and it works great for folks if their username is the same as their email address (presumably the left-hand side of the @.) So if my loginid is domain\meow and my emailaddress is, it works.

    But for folks whose loginid isn't the same as the left-hand side of their email, it doesn't. The above documentation refers to that in the last paragraph: "We need to send a username to authenticate to Duo. The default is to use your email address as username, but you can also specify to use a specific strong authentication username for each user."

    But I don't know where to configure this. I didn't see anything obvious in the Users or Groups section of Liquidfiles. I don't see anything in the Configuration -> Strong Auth Duo menu. Ideally, I guess it would be the sAMAccountName field in LDAP, I suppose.


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