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    Hi there Jon, I would like to request a feature that hopefully might be considered. First and foremost, we absolutely love liquidfiles.

    My suggestion is the allow some sort of capacity to allow users to stream content. We are a full-service advertising firm. Our clients require us to send them work in progress and these are always media files in various formats. Clients have restrictions on their machines where they are not able to review or view files sent via the filetransfer appliance. Either because they don't have the necessary viewing software ie Quicktime or vlc. Due to their own IT guidelines they are not allowed to install any software on their workstations.

    So having a streaming option where we would send a secure link through liquidfiles and an interface launches on the web where they can review the media in question. The Media would have an expiration similar to files. It expires after a certain period of time. Or they have certain # of views after which it expires.

    Let me know if that makes sense? Thank you and keep up the good work.

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