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    For this feature request I would like to see better interaction with distribution mailboxes (also known as group emails in Google Apps).

    The problem use case:

    Currently if someone sends a message to one of my distribution groups, the members can only retrieve the message if they go through the verify email process. LF will send a link to the destination mailbox, which in my case is an Exchange distribution list of mailboxes. All of the members get an email to the message in their personal work email inboxes. Whenever one of them goes to open the message, the access token in the link is used up. In order for subsequent members of the group to see the message later they must request a new link as the access token was already used up by someone else in that group. Following getting the new token, all of the members are sent a new access token because LF is sending to a distribution list. Again, a member will view the message and the access token is used up. This process continues ad infinum and my users do not understand what it happening as it is far too complex for me to explain to them.

    The proposed feature:

    For groups, I would like to have LF know about Active Directory security and distribution lists, either automatically or manually. If on the "Groups" configuration screen I could configure an Active Directory group, or a group email address, to allow for message delivery to individual member mailboxes then that would be the most ideal. I understand that LF can already build groups based on AD groups, so adding in the ability to read certain Exchange attributes like "mail" (for one address) and "proxyaddresses" (for an array of addresses). Messages should then be delivered to each group member's own mailbox.

    Addressing workarounds:

    To workaround this issue I have two options. I can either setup a filedrop or setup an email drop. The filedrop has been the most successful workaround. The destination is already specified to my LF group and all members get their message. The emaildrop is not a good fit as the security of my user's documents is absolutely paramount and completely non-negotiable. The filedrop is not the best fit either as our business revolves around department email addresses and having a single point of initial contact. As an educational institution customers naturally want to fill out the LF recipient address as or or I can certainly train users to tell customers to visit our filedrop page for each department, but humans naturally want to send documents to our departments by using our intuitive office addressing scheme. It also helps that our business cards anonymize the identities of our employees by listing their distribution mailbox email address rather than their personal address. After initial contact has been made through the distribution list, then all later contact than go through my employee's individual work email address.


    Prior to having LF, my company's work habits revolved around receiving initial contact through distribution lists and then completing subsequent contact through their individual email addresses. My users are overall happy with LF and I agree with them and I enjoy providing them a product that does so much to make their lives and mine much easier. I would be very gracious to have this feature implemented.
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    Although our use case is slightly different, the ability to make a distribution group the recipient email of the filedrop would be fantastic. Our departments use the shared emails and distribution groups to manage a lot of workflows. We would also see a great improvement in access management when staff change.

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