v3.6.7 page freezes view message as popup

Discussion in 'LiquidFiles General' started by Michael Knerr, Mar 30, 2022.

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    Updated to v3.6.7 and found that the page freezes when using the View Message (popup) option on the /messages/sent page. The message popup displays but the entire page is gray and no buttons are clickable. This is occurring in multiple browser types. Is this a LiquidFiles issue or a local issue?

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    There are two sources of problems booth related to the custom branding so please involve your local web designer:

    + On the LF server is advanced custom branding (I see it in the source of your login page). With the changes from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 5 in LiquidFiles v3.6, it can clash the Custom StyleSheets and JavaScripts after the update to v3.6.x

    + Next bottleneck can be with CSP which blocks the custom javscript called from remote resources which are not permitted.
    If you need to load js from external resources, it needs to be permitted in "Admin > Configuration > Settings > CSP".
    Also, please note that with the default new Content Security Policy, it's no longer permitted to have inline styles in html or to make style changes in JavaScript.

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