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    I am requesting expanded use of groups in LiquidFiles. It would make administration much easier if I could assign groups as recipients to Filedrops, Emaildrops, or FTPdrops.

    I would also like a group-based File Request, one user in the group sends the File Request and the uploaded file is then sent to everyone in the group and only people in that group are able to download (not ALL local users).

    We have departments and branches that have their own drop, but it can be difficult to keep the recipient list updated when employees frequently transfer.

    I understand I can add a distribution list as user and set that as a recipient, but then the file does not show up in the distribution list members LiquidFiles inboxes. Also, file access must be opened to all local users. This is not preferred.

    We really like the one-time link feature of File Requests to receive files from customers, but often the file needs to be shared with other employees. One scenario that frequently happens is a customer service rep requests a file from a customer, and then leaves on break or lunch. Then the file cannot be processed until the rep returns. Another scenario is when the customer is transferred to another rep, and the previous rep forgets to forward the email with the file download link. It would be much simpler if there were group File Requests, so everyone in the group automatically receives the file.

    Looking through the forum, this seems to be like these existing requests:
    Support for distribution mailboxes
    Create a GroupBox with Authentication
    Specify a Group of users in the Download Permission drop-down
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